PED/ Legislative Update

Last week we were able to hear Public School attorneys and the Secretary Designee speak about the new Teacher Evaluation System. As to be expected the Secretary thinks it will solve all the educational issues in the State and its implementation will be flawless. School attorneys are not as convinced.  They fully understand there will be legal challenges once a tenured teacher is not extended a contract. There are just so many things wrong with the process it is difficult to believe it will survive.

We have all received our school’s A-F grade and once again we are mystified at how they were determined. One elementary school in Albuquerque had 80 to 90 percent of their students meeting or exceeding proficiency and yet they received a C. How can we be expected to trust the PED’s statisticians to properly determine a teachers ability to do their job? I have no confidence in the new evaluation but I am just, One New Mexico Teacher who needs your help and input.


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