believe an organization of peopleshould be about people, not politics!


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New Mexico Association of Classroom Teachers is the oldest Teacher Organization in New Mexico and our primary purpose is to provide low cost Educator Professional Liability Insurance. In addition, we provide legal support for a wide variety of professional issues including dismissal and licensure. Our membership dues have not increased in over 15 years despite rising premums. This year our dues will be $75.00 for the same 2 Million dollars of coverage.   NMACT is only concerned about you and educational issues in New Mexico. We also provide representation to our members in workplace conflicts and legal assistance when needed.

The decision to raise dues was difficult. NMACT goal remains to provide afforabable Professional Liability Insurance to all New Mexico Educators. We do not want to put economic hardship on anyone. Because of recent Legislative action most New Mexico schools in 2023 have altered their calendar..  While NMACT did not support this action it is the new reality. As New Mexico teaching professionals have always done they will adapt to these changes and continue to serve New Mexico students.

We at NMACT have always believed that the importance of education of New Mexico students should be above politics. School Districts should do their best to provide the best options to keep students and staff safe . Please remember your health and well being is important to you and your students.

NMACT wants to hear from you. Now more than ever we need to know your concerns so that we may offer assistance. Do not hesitate to email or call.

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