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Welcome Back

I hope everyone's first days of the new school year went well. By now I feel you have heard enough about the new evaluation system, school grades and data driven decision making.  Many of us long for the days when we could do what we love to do, Teach Kids! NMACT has fielded more calls about school issues than I can remember. What this indicates to me is that with all these changes being implemented  experienced teachers are becoming worried about their jobs.  Is this what the PED wants? Once again we believe that we will not see a significant increase in teacher non-renewals this year. There are presently to many problems in the evaluation system to successfully withstand legal challenges. The state of New York administered the PARCC test this year and their proficiency rates dropped dramatically. A lot of "finger pointing" going around but it does seem the cut scores...
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An Educator’s Thoughts

I found this and thought others would appreciate its message. It is from a principal in upstate New York, Peter Dewitt.  I enthusiastically agree but I am just One New Mexico Teacher. I don't want to sound arrogant but most school leaders know more than the state education department does...where teachers and students are concerned. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't find professional development and learning opportunities for myself and for the teachers I am honored to work with every day. Unlike state education commissioners who lack real educational experience, I have spent eighteen years in public education as both a teacher and a principal. On top of that I taught graduate education courses and do a lot of professional writing, but to the state education department I will probably be seen as ineffective or developing. You know what? I'm honored to take the title. If ineffective or developing means...
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Teacher Evaluation PED’s Public Hearing

For the third time NMACT attended the PED's public hearing on the new teacher evaluation system. We explained the pitfalls of relying on one "high stakes" test and using observation evaluators that were not the teacher's supervisors. As in previous hearings our concerns were not heeded. It was interesting to hear from members of the Secretary's New Mexico Teach Committee, you know the committee that was created by the Secretary to develop the new evaluation system. Members of that committee spoke out against the proposal saying that it went against their recommendations. It is clear that the Secretary has an agenda and educator input is not respected. Now more than ever we must remain strong and together. There will be many issues going forward and we at NMACT are in this for the long haul. While we must accept this directive from the PED we can also continue to point out...
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