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NMACT is a Community:

We believe that organization of people should be about people, not politics! That’s why we meet as professionals, but also friends: working together to get things done. Success is empty without the experience!

How can we help you? Besides our membership benefits we also provide access to a number of teacher resources through research online and off-line.

Here are just a few of our Teacher Resources:

NEA sponsored site:

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

Columbia Education Center

University of Illinois

Marc Sheehan’s Lesson Plan Page
He has placed lesson plans he designed and also has a list of lesson plan sites to surf.

A site to sites

Art is challenging, this site give resources and ideas that are fun
Gigapallette Gallery

Museum resouces:
American Centuries… view from New England

Other Resources:
PBS TeacherSource
Scholastic Teachers
Teacher Resources
TeachersFirst – Opening Page
The EnviroLink Network
CNN Student News – Teacher Resources
Instrumental Music Teacher Resources

We are in the process of setting up our NEW Teacher Community online! Discussion boards, photo albums, calendars, news and more to make NMACT the place where “Teachers Connect” and “Think Kids”. Watch our site for these new and exciting developments coming SOON!

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