2014-2015 School Year

What a time to be an educator, particularly in New Mexico. As you are all aware we are plunging into uncharted territory. Fortunately most administrators feel as if they are in the “boat” with us.

This summer the LESC heard about the “mistakes” in the new evaluation system. Everyone was disappointed that our PED would release the “incorrect” information and the harm that it caused good teachers. We can all hope for a smoother process this year.

The new PARCC Test was also a topic and let’s hope at least the infrastructure issues have been addressed.

This is also an election year. The Gary King organization has reached out to NMACT and even met with our President, Marilyn Orr. NMACT will not endorse any candidate. We have always been nonpartisan and will remain that way. We have reached out to the Susana Martinez organization and would like to sponsor a Town Hall type forum where the candidates would answer questions from the audience. We pray this can come together as we think education is the most important issue in this election.

New Mexico Teachers are among the best in the nation. Keep up your great work and have a good start to the school year.  onenewmexicoteacher



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