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Teachers dedicated to improving education in our schools; caring for our “kids” and trying to make ends meet.


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New Mexico Association of Classroom Teachers is the oldest Teacher Organization in New Mexico and our primary purpose is to provide low cost Educator Professional Liability Insurance. In addition, we provide legal support for a wide variety of professional issues including dismissal and licensure. Our membership dues have remained low because we have minimal administrative and overhead expenses.

NMACT is a non-partisan, non-political organization. We are only concerned about education issues in the State of New Mexico. Our leadership also provides representation to our members in workplace conflicts and legal assistance when needed.

NMACT works closely with State Legislators and the staff of the Legislative Education Study Committee to insure that educator’s concerns are heard. Teaching professionals have faced numerous challenges and have persevered. This year the State has recently had several court challenges dealing with education.  Regardless of the results the 2017-2018 school year will be daunting and now more than ever teachers need legal protection.

NMACT wants to hear from you. We will continue to keep our members informed on the education issues in the State. Together we can stay strong during these trying times.

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