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NMACT is a Community:

We believe that organization of people should be about people, not politics! That’s why we meet as professionals, but also friends: working together to get things done. Success is empty without the experience!

How can we help you? Besides our membership benefits we also provide access to a number of teacher resources through research online and off-line.

Here are just a few of our Teacher Resources:

Lesson plans

Canadaian site:

NEA sponsored sites:

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

Columbia Education Center

University of Illinois

Attention Social Studies Teachers

A class for social studies teachers.  Nancy Powell attended it in 1998 and loves to support others being able to learn about this wonderful opportunity.

Marc Sheehan’s Lesson Plan Page

He has placed lesson plans he designed and also has a list of lesson plan sites to surf.

A site to sites

Art is challenging, this site give resources and ideas that are fun

Gigapallette Gallery

Museum Resouces:

American Centuries… view from New England

Other Resources:


PBS TeacherSource

Scholastic Teachers

Teacher Resources

TeachersFirst – Opening Page

The EnviroLink Network

CNN Student News – Teacher Resources

Instrumental Music Teacher Resources

Other Exciting Links:

Kids Health

This site has many definitions and teaching areas about the body. It uses kid size language and gives pronunciations. The list of information about the body is easy to choose what you want to know there are short videos to see and explain the body systems.  I went to part that had games and should have left it out. It can download Shockwave and link to games. This part is not needed for
the classroom. There are also loud and annoying noises. As a teacher, it does have the helpful part of giving the option for a printer friendly version. In the resource room, it will lead you to other
sites such as:


This is a great site for kids with informational movies about science, anatomy, weather, and more.

Children’s Television Workshop

From the people who make Sesame Street, this site is perfect for your whole family.


Looking for tons of games and puzzles that you solve on the Web? Check out this site.  Excellent!!!

Put some pep in test prep! At this site, K-12 kids test their test-taking smart! Math and science challenges, including “Goo Laboratory” and “Math Safari”, are written in test-taking format with amusing graphic. “The Real Challenge” is a timed quiz with feedback and resources to help users improve their scores. Kids can even compare their scores to those of students in other countries. For more about testing, click on “Parents and Educators”.

Perfect Project works to help you integrate technology into your classroom by offering FREE online tools and resources. This site helps teachers locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics and classroom calendars. There are also tools for student use. Discover valuable professional development resources addressing issues such as equity, ELL, technology planning, and at-risk or special-needs students.

Plan class projects without a problem! Visit this site to plan class projects using project-based learning approaches and multiple intelligences. Then create personalized student check-lists (in English and Spainish) for activities in writing, science, multimedia, and presentation tasks. Be sure to check “Rubistar” and “Casa Notes” to customize class rubrics, certificates, and letters.

Songs and Rhymes   Words not music

Tune in to this Web site for songs and rhymes from around the world. Select songs by continent, country, or from the A-Z list. Share new chants such as “Firefly, Firefly” (a Tuscan rhyme with versions in both English and Italian) or “Kookaburra” (a traditional Australian song). Find old favorites, learn the meanings of the lyrics, and read about their origins.

Grammar Guide

This online grammar guide explains it all-the parts of speech, sentence types, punctuation, and spelling rules! You’ll also find full-text examples of good usage, as well as cartoons an songs that explain
rules. Kids can read definitions, get writing tips, ask advice and take quizzes. Teachers can check “Peripherals” for a list of “grammar goofs” and Power Points” for demos that introduce “The Might Apostrophe,” Our
Friend, the Semicolon,” and more.

Dig it!

Kids will really dig this online version of Dig, the archaeology digest from the publishers of Cricket magazine. At “Fantastic Factoids,” they’ll unearth secrets of the past using photo of fossils and artifacts. Kids can also delve into the “Glossary” (from A.D. To ziggurat) and ask Dr. Dig about the “dirty” work of excavation sites. Teacher’ Guides and “links” will help you dig deeper into subjects including rock art and
ancient tombs.

Book Adventure!

&This free book site, sponsored by the Sylvan Learning Company, takes kids on reading adventures! Book Adventure features challenges for more than 5,000 books by award-winning authors. Kids use the “Book Finder” to find good reads by making their grade level with topics of interest such as “history,” “Family,” and “Humor.” After reading a book offline, they test their comprehension of the story using the site’s “Quiz-O-Matic”
challenges. Teachers can view students’ scores and monitor class progress. Visit the “Teacher’s Lounge” for award-winning book lists, reading activities, incentives and more!

Make Times

Get up-to-the-minute accurate times for places around the world-in every time zone! Search an alphabetical list by country and city or enter the name of a specific place. Then view the location on a globe an learn its day, time, and time zone. You’ll find that the benefits of this Internet clock just keep on ticking-it even adjust for Daylight Savings Time!

How Stuff Works

Stop wondering how car alarms, smoke detectors, and cuckoo clocks work! Log on to this site to learn the mechanics behind everyday gadgets. Browse topic by category including “Home,” “Science and Tech,” and Toys and Games.” Each explanation provides definitions, labeled illustrations, and detailed summaries and relates topics for further study.

Net Know-How

How well do your students know and use the Net? With these online quizzes sponsored by Dell, kids can find out just how much they know about topics such as navigating and Net Lingo. Five quizzes send kids to safe sites and then ask question about each. Older kids can also check out for more challenges.

Thunk About It

Think you’ve seen it all on the Web? Thunk again! At this secret code site, kids type words and then click “scramble” to display them written in code. The “How-To” section teaches kids about adding the code words to e-mails and Web pages. At “Learn”, they’ll read the history of coded messages. You can even get kids to crack the site’s secret code! (jjj.cqdex.tfz means www.thunk.come!)

No Child Left Behind

Maupin House

Free catalog: 800-524-0634

Soliloquy Reading Assistant


Teaching Made Easier

Order online

Harper Collins Publishers

RFB&D Learning through listening

866-RFBD-LTL or

Kids Discover

Cobblestone Publishing
Curriculum Associates
Delta Education
GPN/University of Nebraska
Harper Collins Publishers
Learning Resources
Maupin House
Random House Children’s Books
Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic
Renaissance Learning
Sleek Software
Soliloquy Learning
Teaching Made Easy
Triumph Learning
Weekly Reader
Wright Group

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